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                About Partner

                Partner Industry Service Group, founded in 2003, one of the top site selection service company in China, is specializing in providing comprehensive site selection service for foreign companies entering Chinese market in industrial land, factories, warehouses, office buildings, etc.
                Based on the Internet, mobile internet and big data technology, Partner Industry Service Group integrates national industrial property resources. Over 100 offline service center, nearly 5,000 enterprise site selection consultants, we’re ready to provide personalized site selection solutions for customers to take the opportunities in fast-growing Chinese market.

                Partner Industry Service Group is a holding company of CHINESE FORTUNE LAND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD (CLFD, stock code: 600340), which founded in 1998, one of the top industrial new-city operator companies in China. Assets of CLFD exceeded 387 billion yuan by June 2018.
                Service Advantage

                15 years’ experience in site selection

                15 years’ experience in site selection

                Partner Industry Service Group has focused on the location of enterprise location services for 15 years. It provides site selection service for over 100,000 companies every year, Accumulated numbers of real estate projects is over tens of thousands. Partner Industry Service Group continues to help foreign enterprises expanding Chinese market.
                National market layout

                National market layout

                The market network covers 50+ cities. By localization, professional operation experience and deep understanding of the local market, Partner Industry Service Group integrates the whole factors of market intelligence to help foreign companies make strategic solutions in Chinese market.
                Professional team

                Professional team

                Partner Industry Service Group has nearly 5,000 consultants. based on the individualized needs of enterprises, professional team is dispatched to comprehensively analyze the industrial base, industrial factors, land supply area, land supply time limit, land supply price, location conditions, and support policies for customers.
                Government relations

                Government relations

                Covering over 1,000 cities and county governments in China, Partner Industry Service Group proficient in local policies and regulations. It helps foreign companies conducting in-depth docking negotiations with government, seeking the most powerful industrial policies to reduce costs.
                Million level databases

                Million level databases

                Partner Industry Service Group has accumulated millions of industrial resources in 10 key industries, and gathered more than 100 industrial clusters. It will precisely match the upstream and downstream resources in the industrial chain for foreign enterprises to realize the landing of the industry and achieving multi-party cooperation.
                Business Area

                Site selection service

                Site selection service

                Consideration of actual needs of various factors such as land acquisition, talent recruitment, tax incentives, supply chain development, infrastructure and market access, Partner Industry Service Group provide comprehensive investment services in industrial land, factories, warehouses, office buildings, for foreign companies to make a
                low-cost-efficient operation solution in investment location.
                Site supporting services

                Site supporting services

                Partner Industry Service Group provide "all-round + three-dimensional" investment site supporting services. organize policy consulting,
                financial consulting, tax consulting, talent services, industry services,
                life services in Six-Platforms. A secretarial advisory team provide
                one-on-one caring services for foreign enterprises efficiently connecting resources of all parties and improving the operational efficiency.

                Request a Call Back

              2. Would you like to speak to one of our investment advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.
              3. ADDRESS
              4. 21st Floor ,B2 9 Building,Science and Technology Ecology park,Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District,Shenzhen City
              5. EMAIL
              6. kefu@zhaoshang800.com